Prevention of Falls Program

The Water Corporations’ Prevention of Falls Program is a commitment by the Water Corporation to dramatically reduce the risk of falls on facilities such as Tanks, Pits & Pump Stations, and Treatment Plants.

Leicon Notley was selected for a substantial proportion of these works.

Well over 600 sites across Western Australian have been updated as part of this program.

Scope has included:

  • Upgrading of climbing and roof handrail on both high and ground level tanks as well as the supply and installation of davits and ladder climbing systems
  • Relocating level indicating and control instrumentation from tank roof to ground level together with the consequential upgrade to SCADA and control systems at the associated Pump Stations or Tanks.  Significant multi-disciplined works were involved.
  • Installation of barrier systems and accessways within Drainage & Wastewater Pump Stations


All inspection and measure up works were completed by Leicon Notley staff across the various sites.

Engineering and drafting was completed in-house at our Balcatta offices.

Fabrication and welding of all galvanised and stainless steel was completed at our Balcatta yard and all work installed by our teams throughout the State.

Project Description

Client: Water Corporation
Location: Western Australia
Year Completed: Ongoing